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Exclusive Gulp! scent and flavor. Water based scent dispersion. Minnow body with relentless fish calling tail action. [more]

Berkley Gulp!® Alive!?

NEW Berkley® Gulp!® Alive!? is the next generation in Gulp!® technology. Now your favorite baits come floating in the "Magic Gravy" in a sealable jar, enabling you to recharge your baits by putting them back into the jar for the next use. They also have a 34% better swimming action than original… [more]

Berkley Gulp!® Alive!?

GULP! Alive! assortments provide multiple colors or shapes in one 18 ounce bucket for convenience and trial. The most popular shapes and colors are offered in the assortments. [more]

Berkley Gulp!® Alive!?

Each bait has a natural presentation in action, scent and taste. Replaces live minnows for better durability and long lasting results. "Recharge" bait by placing used bait back in the attractant. (18 ounce bucket) [more]

Creme Split Tail Trailers

Made of a specially formulated plastic that gives it an action "unequated" by any other product. It's tough, so it will last cast after cast, yet is extremely supple in any water. [more]

Keitech NF35-001 Noisy Flapper

Keitech NF35-001 Noisy Flapper Buzzing Frog, 3 1/2", 5/8 oz, Strong Squid Scent, Black, 5 per Pack [more]

Keitech NF35-009 Noisy Flapper

Keitech NF35-009 Noisy Flapper Buzzing Frog, 3 1/2", 5/8 oz, Strong Squid Scent, White, 5 per Pack [more]

Keitech NF35-402 Noisy Flapper

Keitech NF35-402 Noisy Flapper Buzzing Frog, 3 1/2", 5/8 oz, Strong Squid Scent, Okeechobee Craw, 5 per Pack [more]

Keitech NF35-465 Noisy Flapper

Keitech NF35-465 Noisy Flapper Buzzing Frog, 3 1/2", 5/8 oz, Strong Squid Scent, Green Pumpkin Frog, 5 per Pack [more]

Keitech NF35-469 Noisy Flapper

Keitech NF35-469 Noisy Flapper Buzzing Frog, 3 1/2", 5/8 oz, Strong Squid Scent, Green Frog, 5 per Pack [more]

Lunkerhunt Swim Bento

Designed to perfection, the Lunkerhunt Swim Bento? is one of the most realistic baitfish imitators on the market. The Swim Bento? features a lively keeled tail, holographic core, and biologically correct detailing. All of these elements are incorporated into a soft yet durable body construction… [more]

Manns Splittail Trailer

Made to Hank's specifications; these twin-tail trailers are soft yet tough. They add action to baits and serve as "keels." (Measures 4" in length, 10 pack) [more]

Mister Twister Li'l Bit?

Here is the perfect panfish lure. Rig to a 1/32 oz. jighead and work it around submerged brush piles. Or add a spinner blade for flash and vibration and fish it slowly around weed lines. [more]


If ever there was a soft plastic that replicates the look, action and strike-prompting attraction of a live minnow, this 10X Tough ElaZtech bait is it. MinnowZ are table fare for the majority of fresh and salt water gamefish. From big lake bass, to back-bay flounder, to sea trout, snook and reds,… [more]


A 5" soft plastic topwater bait. Z-Man recognizes that some anglers have been limited in the past to hard baits armed with multiple treble hooks when situations call for ruckus-raising, floating topwater baits. Thanks to ElaZtech super-plastic technology, Z-Man is able to roll out the very first… [more]

Zoom Baby Brush Hog

The most versatile creature bait on the market, this four inch package of dynamite has tails, wings and arms that slither with the slightest provocation, but a small body that'll ease into the tightest crevices where big bass live and wait for their meals. Great on a Texas rig, a Carolina rig or… [more]


The Z-Craw takes an elongated body with forward facing ribs and adds hook pockets top and bottom as well as fluttering claws, all in a streamlined package designed to slip into the heaviest cover with ease while also pulsating with the sound and fury of an angry crawfish. Salt impregnated. Size 5". [more]

17 Results