Shimano Stella 5000 SWBHG Saltwater Spinning Reel

Shimano Stella 5000 SWBHG Saltwater Spinning Reel
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Shimano's Stella SWB saltwater spinning reel series is an upgrade to an already proven model that provides the ultimate in saltwater protection and performance. The basis for the design is a rigid aluminum body that is sealed and shielded from saltwater intrusion by a two-pronged process that also results in smoother rotor function. The use of rigid materials and proprietary coatings extends throughout the reel, which also features the strongest gearing, handle and bearings ever found on a Stella. The result is a solid platform that will not flex under the extremes of fighting big fish, which in turn allows the Stella's new drag design to work with unprecedented smoothness and control even at the highest drag settings. New sizes and specialized power and speed gearings make any fish that swims the big blue a legitimate target. This model features a fast gearing that retrieves 38 inches per crank, a versatile speed that's ideal for jigging.

The Stella 5000 SWBHG retrieves 38 inches of line per crank, an ideal speed for most jigging applications.

Shimano’s SW-X Concept brings together power, rigidity, toughness, drag performance and water resistance to provide saltwater anglers with the spinning reels they need to subdue everything from high flying dolphinfish (dorado) to stubborn tuna by using new technologies focusing on retrieving power, strength and durability. The result is a saltwater reel that will perform flawlessly time after time, trip after trip.
Shimano's SW-X Concept combines new design technologies.
The X-Tough Drag is simply that, the toughest and most durable drag Shimano has ever put in a spinning reel, one that will stay smooth while breaking the heart of monsters like bluefin tuna, amberjack and giant trevally. Just as impressive is the fine-tuned control of drag adjustments even at the heaviest settings made possible by the coiled wave spring below the large diameter drag washers, which are placed at the base of the spool for stability.
X-Tough Drag design for Stella SWB spinning reels.

The Stella SWB saltwater spinning reel body is built with high rigidity aluminum to provide a literal powerhouse for SW-X Concept's larger, stronger and treated gears and bearings.

X-Shield and X-Protect offer an unprecedented barrier to saltwater intrusion and corrosion. X-Shield places sealing gaskets in 12 critical locations throughout each Stella SWB reel, while Shimano’s X-Protect three-lipped rubber seal system creates further water resistance. The first lip in the proprietary design keeps low pressure water out, while the grease between the second and third lips resists high pressure water. In addition, Shimano seals the roller clutch, a key location for water intrusion.
Shimano has sealing gaskets in 12 critical locations on the Stella SWB.
Propulsion Line Management System consists of Propulsion Spool Lip, an X-Rigid SR One-Piece bail wire, Power Roller IV oversized roller with overflange for the ultimate in line protection, redesigned bail trip, and S-Arm cam. The proprietary coating on the spool lip is harder than a Ti coated stainless steel spool lip and the bail wire is made of titanium. The result is corrosion resistance, minimal line wear, tighter loops when casting and a better wrap on the spool when retrieving.
The Stella now has as an X-Rigid Bail as part of its Propulsion Line Management System.

The cold forged aluminum spool is combined with the X-Rigid Rotor in the Stella SWB series for superior performance and strength. There is a ceramic coating on the entire spool for extreme corrosion resistance, while the proprietary coating on the spool lip is harder than a Ti coated stainless steel spool lip.
Cold forging and high rigidity aluminum are what make the Stella shine.

X-Ship is Shimano's name for a highly-refined transmission system that transfers the power of the turning of the handle to the gears in the most direct manner possible, result in an enhanced ease of cranking, zero slippage and more control.

There is no back play at all in the Stella SWB series spinning reels. In fact, there's not even an anti-reverse switch.


Line Retrieve Per Crank (in) 38
Mono Line Capacity (test/yards) 10/240, 12/195, 14/165
Braid Capacity (test/yards) 20/245, 30/225, 40/175
Ball Bearings 14 S A-RB
Roller Bearings 1
Max Drag 28.7 pounds
Gear Ratio 5.7:1
Weight 15.3 ounces
Grip Shape Round


Intro to Shimano's Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reel Series

Shimano dedicates all of its technology into the Stella SWB saltwater spinning reels.


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